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15 Ways for Moms to De-Stress

by Coach Debbie


Life is busier than ever, isn't it?  You are nonstop as a mom who meets everyone's needs, right?  You're worn out, spread thin, and in desperate need of a vacation.


Thing is, when we go go go and never pause, we have decided that stress wins.  And when stress wins, we suffer.  Stress is literally a killer, impacting every system in your body.


I dare you, I challenge you, to say enough is enough and PUMP YOUR BRAKES.  Don't be a martyr mom who never practices self-care.  Be a mom-with-sanity who thrives in everyday life (even when your kid put a hole in the wall or used markers on your new shoes).


Here are 15 real life ways to de-stress, decompress, and relax.  You cannot pour from an empty cup, so take time to replenish your energy and feel renewed...TODAY!


1.  Eat right.  When you eat junk food, you will be tired and irritable -- that's the opposite of how you want to feel.  When you eat foods that God grows, however, you don't have that carb coma aftermath to wrestle.  


2.  Exercise / Walk / Stretch.  Take care of your body so that you have energy to keep up with your kiddos.  Enjoy 5 minutes of foam rolling daily to baby your muscles.  Go for a walk and just take deep breaths.  You're calmer just thinking about it, aren't you?


3.  Pray / Read your Bible.  Putting God as #1 is not negotiable.  Chores don't trump time with God.  TV doesn't get priority over God.  I know it may not be a 60-minute quiet time, but this is nurturing your relationship with our Creator!  You'll spend an eternity with Him, so don't wait to enjoy talking with Him, learning about Him, and listening to Him.  He alone can ease worries and fears and pacify you with His peace.


4.  Worship / Dance.  Get that angst out immediately by having an at-home dance party and praise music session!  Dance in your kitchen!  Grab your kids and get silly!  Let's enjoy the mundane by deciding to wiggle and shake!  You're guaranteed to smile!


5.  Massage.  Like I said, use a foam roller daily if you can.  Spend one day a week for 20 minutes just foam rolling to relieve soreness.  Splurge every now and then on a professional massage!  Save money and agree to swap massages with your man!  Touch is a powerful thing, and it can really help woes melt away.


6.  Baths.  I know it seems cliche, but a warm bubble bath is pretty underrated and super fabulous.  You will not regret soaking in silence (once the kids are in bed) with soft music and a glass of wine.  You cannot do dishes from the bathtub!  You cannot answer emails from the bathtub!  You cannot put anyone in Time Out from the bathtub!  


7.  Rest.  Do whatever it takes to get enough sleep at night.  Try to sneak under the covers just 15 minutes early each night.  Do whatever it takes to tiptoe away for a 30 minute power nap on Sundays.  When we carve out time to physically be still, we will later be more productive and less grouchy.


8.  Outsource.  Instead of feeling buried under 89 tasks a day, outsource.  Hire a babysitter to come once a month so you can get a manicure.  Order your groceries online.  Find a groupon for a deep house cleaning every 6 months.  Let other people help you so you're not shouldering the world!


9.  Sex.  It's fun, it's free!  Be intentional about getting naked with your husband regularly.  Not just on birthdays and anniversaries, come on now.  What a great avenue for relaxing and getting a bunch of happy hormones to chase away grumpiness!  And it's a sweet way to intimately bond with the man you love who will also vacuum for you.


10.  Laugh.  Go rent a comedy this week!  Something powerful is unleashed when we can just belly laugh.  Go to lunch with your funniest friend who always tells inappropriate jokes!  It's the cheapest medicine, right?


11.  Hobbies.  I know you're a mom whose life may feel on PAUSE right now.  You're so busy with diapers, ballet, and homework.  But you're a big deal.  And you need to thrive.  So what better way than those little activities you love doing.  Painting, sewing, taking pictures, playing music.  Whatever you love, do that.  


12.  Relax.  See how it feels to change up your schedule and just relax.  Deep breaths on the couch.  Reading a book on the back deck.  Sitting in your closet with your Bible.  Lying on your bed, mentally planning your next dream vacation.  Remember, the goal is to prevent implosion and to really have a high quality of life.  Your To Do list will never ever ever be conquered, so just ignore it for a few minutes each day.


13.  Say no.  More often than you think you should.  No, I don't want to bake brownies for class.  No, I don't want to go to PTA night.  No, I don't want to watch cartoons.  We are not called to take on more and more and more, we are called to do the will of God.  Saying no may be hard, but in the end, it brings so much freedom!


14.  Don't multitask.  Gosh, we as moms think we multitask well.  NO ONE multitasks well, so just quit that nonsense.  Do one thing at a time.  Just one.  Listen to your kid or scroll social media, but not both.  Write the email or listen to a podcast, but not both.  Clean the kitchen, then do the laundry (instead of folding a shirt then loading a plate).  You'll be more efficient with your time and energy, which means you'll be more fun to be around!


15.  Cuddle.  Enjoy those couch snuggles with your crew.  Just enjoy hugging each other, even if it means watching PBS.  Cuddle with your man, enjoying his heat and his touch.  What a way to separate yourself from the chaos of the day by spending quality time with those you love most.


Okay, so let's hear it!  Which ones are you doing TODAY???  And what would you add to the list?  We want to know!