Momsanity is a community of Moms striving to achieve balance through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Through quick and simple fat loss focused workouts, on the go nutritious meals, positive mindset techniques, daily devotions, and tons of practical information, Momsanity Coaches are here to encourage Moms to achieve Balance!

We are REAL Moms who put it all out there, right along with you, in an effort to achieve and sustain overall well being.

Led by coaches Debbie Baisden and Emily Saunders (our 2 families have 8 kids total) Momsanity provides doable programming to help you reach your goals while focusing on the #1 thing that matters.... Jesus plus nothing!!  If there are questions we can answer for you please email us at [email protected].  

Want to learn more?  We offer a wide variety of informative and real-life posts on our blog.  We would also love for you to check out our product store!  Head on over to to check out our Core Sliders, Natural BCAA powder and MORE!!