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7 Hydrating Healthy Beverages for Summer

By Coach Emily Saunders

Warm Weather is HERE and you are thirsty!  That's a good thing because we all know that hydration is key to health, wellness and tightening our physique. 

There are SO many options available these days and while some are healthy and fabulous many are... well not.  

Often we read the FRONT of the label and the claims look great, but we look to the BACK and see a whole different story.  You see even when sugar is organic, un-refined, raw, coconut sugar... it's still sugar.

So how can we quench our thirst and satisfy our taste buds without going overboard?  

1.  Water.  No matter what water is queen and should make up most of your fluid intake.  We aim for at least 3 to 4 liters (around a gallon) per day.  Start where you are and add 10 oz to your intake.  Drink that amount for a full week then increase 10 more until you get to where you need to be.

2.  Momsanity BCAAs.  Our BCAA powder is known to 1.  make water taste great and 2.  help busy women stay hydrated.  The benefits of BCAAs are incredible.  They include decreasing cravings and increasing energy (what what?)  Find more on that HERE and HERE.  Order yours on Amazon

3.  ME Craving Cocoa.  Do you crave chocolate at night (just me?  no way!)?  If so then you MUST give Metabolic Effect's Craving Cocoa a try.  Cocoa is known to decrease cravings and this lovely blend of natural sweeteners and cocoa powder makes healthy hot or cold beverages a breeze.  Enjoy warm cocoa in a mug or a super-satisfying chocolate milk or "frozen chocolate".  Get yours HERE.


3.  Unsweetened Iced Tea.   I LOVE iced tea.  Yes I love it sweet, but I also love it unsweetened.  Make any tea (fruity?) and throw it over ice.  If it needs sweetened then just add a few drops of liquid stevia or a spoonful of Swerve.  I normally use plain decaffeinated tea bags, but I enjoy a treat sometimes with THESE tea bags that Coach Debbie introduced to me.  If you like orange and spice you don't want to miss it!

4.  Kombucha.  It's all the rage right?  Kombucha is fermented tea and it's full of probiotics that are great for your gut.  It's also fizzy and wonderful for that soda craving.  If you enjoy beer you will probably like it.  It DOES have a bit of a vinegary flavor so play around with flavors until you find one you like.  It IS important to be sure there is no added sugar.  My favorite is GT's Synergy in the Trilogy flavor.  This brand can be found at Target and Trader Joe's and some Walmarts!  Another option is Kevita probiotic drinks.  They aren't as powerful for the gut, but also have a milder flavor.  Be sure to read the back of all labels as sugar content varies quite a bit.

5.  Lemonade.  Make your own lemonade SUPER easily using filtered water, lemon juice to your liking and stevia drops or Swerve.  As a side note, I often do this for my son when we are eating out with his water.  Skip the sugar (and the cost) and just make your own in a flash.  You can even use pre-squeezed lemon juice to make your busy mom life a little easier!

6.  Sparkling Water.  If you love bubbles then this might be your "soda fix". La Croix is sparkling water and natural flavors.  It is not sweetened but comes in a bunch of flavors.  It's probably the healthiest of all of the "soda substitutes" out there.  Zevia soda is another option, but in my opinion the flavor isn't awesome.   It is sweetned with stevia and free of artificial junk which is a great thing.

7.  Stevia or Erythritol Sweetened Natural Drinks.  There are a variety of bottled drinks available now that are naturally flavored and sweetened (yay!).  The problem is most of them come with a hefty price tag.  While these are FINE they aren't doing a lot for your health (unlike BCAAs and fermented beverages) so are great for an occasional treat.  A few of my favorites are Hint flavored water and Bai (for when I want juice).