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7 Reasons You Need Vitamin D

by Coach Debbie


Ahhhh, summertime!  Don’t you just want to blast some Will Smith old school and enjoy summah summah summah time?


Let’s celebrate the season by getting OUTSIDE every single day!  With office jobs, household chores, and the love of all things air conditioned, we can really miss out on all that God’s creation has to offer!  Let’s be intentional about stepping outdoors, especially to get Vitamin D.


Vitamin D functions like a hormone and every cell of every body has a receptor for it.  And 1 BILLION people worldwide are deficient in it.  Uh oh.


Who cares about Vitamin D, with all the billions of supplements out there, right?


Here’s why we gotta get it:

1.       It repairs our DNA.

2.       It fights infections.

3.       It prevents autoimmune diseases.

4.       It strengthens bones.

5.       It fights cancer.

6.       It reduces heart attacks.

7.       It energizes.


Sounds pretty vital, right? 


Here are some ways to know if you’re deficient (keep in mind the signs can be subtle):

·         You get sick a lot.

·         You have this sweaty/glowy look on your face more often than not.

·         You are weak and/or exhausted.

·         You have chronic pain in your bones and/or back.

·         You feel depressed.

·         You limit your time outside and/or always wear sun protection.

·         You have naturally darker skin.

·         You have severe hair loss.

·         You have gut trouble (Crohn’s, celiac, gluten sensitivity, inflammatory bowel disease).


Chances are, some of these made you raise your eyebrows.


Here’s the good news -- are you ready for this?


It’s SUPER easy to fix!  In order to achieve OPTIMAL Vitamin D levels, here are the 3 steps:


1.        Get sunlight.  This is the #1 way to increase your Vitamin D.  So go outside, without sunscreen (that’s right, without sunscreen), for 20 minutes in full sun with arms and legs bare.

2.       Diet.  This alone is not likely enough to fix your deficiency, but it can help.  So consume fish, eggs, almond milk, orange juice and shitake mushrooms.

3.       Because diet alone isn’t going to cut it and likely you aren’t getting THAT much sunlight supplement.  That’s right, just pills or drops will do the trick.  Make sure you pair it with K2 for it to be fully effective for heart health, bone and teeth health and more.


I told you it was easy!  Listen, your kiddos are deprived too, so make it a family affair!  Raise Them Well carries a perfect-for-kids D+K2 drop solution that is perfect for the WHOLE family. That means LESS stuff in your vitamin cabinet!  Generally babies need 1 drop, toddlers and preschoolers 2, older kids 3 and adults 4 or more.  You can cater your dose to your needs.  Discuss with your doctor for specific recommendations if you’ve been tested.

You know what else?  The dropper system is super easy!  Simply twist off and drop into your kid’s mouths or straight into their milk.  I like mine in my coffee!

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So celebrate summer outside because it makes everyone happy!