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Fun Summer Ideas for the Family!

by Coach Debbie


Summer is the perfect time to go barefoot, catch fireflies, and make popsicles, right?  In case you need the ULTIMATE NO-BUMMER SUMMER LIST, here it is!  Be sure to “share” this because we all wanna have more fun together as a family in summer!


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Water!  Go to the pool, lake, beach, splash pad, pond, river, waterpark, wash the car, water balloon fight!


Field Trip!   Head to the library, farm, pet store, museum, park, zoo, pick berries, farmers market, movie theater, music concert, mini golf, garage sale, take a class, aquarium, dollar store, visit mom or dad at work, parade, airport to watch planes, amusement park, historical site, bowling alley, ballfield, train station, tour a factory, planetarium!


Backyard!   Enjoy the sprinkler, bubbles, nature scavenger hunt, tent camping, fire pit with s’mores, obstacle course, catch fireflies, pick flowers, water fun fight, fly a kite, plant a garden, throw a ball, bury a time capsule, collect rocks, hide and seek!


Create!  Have a blast with paint or shaving cream, crazy recipes, crafts for grandpa, rock sculptures, scrapbook, crayon melting, take pictures, sidewalk chalk the driveway, make homemade cards, tie dye, build with Legos, draw pictures, make a music video, make a bird feeder, friendship bracelets, put on a play, make a piñata!


Lounge!  Build a living room fort then watch a movie, watch the clouds then take a nap, play freeze tag then enjoy a picnic, tell stories and jokes, plan a slumber party, play cards and board games, stargaze, indoor spa day, read, no talking contest, puzzles!


Exercise!  Go for a hike, race in a field, turn the playground into a gym, have a pillow fight, play Simon Says and hopscotch and freeze tag, climb a tree, throw a Frisbee, walk the dog, jump rope, ride a bike, rollerblade, walk, skip, dance contest, race scooters, trampoline!


Volunteer!  Host a lemonade stand for a charity, make necessity bags for the homeless, sing at the retirement community, make no-sew blankets for others, bake for firefighters, help a neighbor with yard work!


Let's hear from you!  What would you add to the list?  Be sure to "share" this no-bummer summer list with your friends now!