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Guest Post: Fall Bucket List

Jess Lyons is a wife, mom, and writer for Parent Cabin. Parent Cabin is a cozy little parenting blog covering everything from pregnancy, tots, teens, and family lifestyle.  


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It’s finally fall! School has started, football games are going strong, and everything is pumpkin flavored! If you love this time of year, you’re probably already planning lots of activities for you and your family. And if you’re someone who would prefer summer weather all year long, you too might need a few ideas for fall adventures.

Wherever you stand, fall is a great time to create new experiences with your family. Take this season to create a fun, fall bucket list with your family. Sit down around the kitchen table, and let everyone contribute. Put the list on the fridge or another visible place in your home, and over the next few weeks start making memories! As you make your lists, consider these ideas for your family’s fall adventures.

1.  Pumpkin Patch - What better way to jump into the spirit of fall than a visit to the pumpkin patch? Some farms primarily feature pumpkins and allow you to hunt down the best option for all your carving or decorative needs. Other pumpkin patches include activities like corn mazes, petting zoos, and giant jumping pillows. Enjoy the variety of pumpkins and take some great photos together.

2.  Carving Pumpkins - Once you’ve returned from the pumpkin patch, make a whole day of it and carve those pumpkins! After dinner, set up the kitchen table with newspaper and carving tools. Let each member of the family cut and shape their creation (with assistance for little ones, of course). Make a pot of cider or cocoa and spend the evening getting creative. If you want a less strenuous way to decorate pumpkins, keep the pumpkins in tact and paint them. Give your family stencils and glitter, and let them create an artistic masterpiece. And when you’re all done, don’t forget to decorate your front porch with your finished products!

3.  Halloween Movie Night - As it gets colder outside, nights in become more of a necessity. This fall, find some time for a movie marathon. Grab the popcorn and candy, and flop down on the couch for one of many great Halloween movies.

4.  Backyard Camp Out - Camping away from home can be lots of fun, but camping in your backyard can be a great option for weekends during the school year. It’s low stress (no packing!) and low cost. Make a fire, set up your tent, and snuggle up together in piles of blankets.

5.  Apple Picking - It seems that fall is never complete without an apple-picking experience. If you are near an apple orchard, take advantage of the u-pick options and gather lots of fruit for a season of tasty recipes. You can search for organic farms or specific types of apples, and most likely, there will be an orchard that fits your family’s preference!

6. Attend a local, seasonal event - A great, often unexplored resource for activities is your local events calendar. Most cities have websites that include helpful information and upcoming events. There may be special events at libraries, zoos, or schools. Check for special annual events, too - things like Apple Festivals or fairs. If you haven’t explored this side of your city, take this season to do so!

7.  Family Halloween Costume - It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to celebrate Halloween together! This year, try to find a great theme for the entire family. Brainstorm some ideas with your kids or check out these great family costumes for inspiration.

8.  Take a Scenic Drive - One of the best parts of fall is the changing scenery. The colors are vibrant and the air is crisp. Gather your family and some snacks in the car, and take a drive down back roads. With little kids, make a game of it and have them find different colors or items during the drive. Play some music, explore new areas of your town, and enjoy the uninterrupted time together.

9.  Serve a Neighbor - As leaves fall and fill up yards, take the opportunity to serve with your family. Is there an elderly neighbor near you that would welcome your help with some yard work? Do you know of a family busy with a new baby? Seek out a practical way to work together for the benefit of others, and enjoy the opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

10.  Go For a Hike - Take a Saturday or Sunday and visit a state park or local hiking trail. Get your family outside in the comfortable temperatures and enjoy the beauty of this season!


Here are even more fall family traditions so you can make the most of fall with your family! Fall is here, so don’t hesitate to make your bucket list now. Whether you do one activity or ten, take this season to spend some intentional time together as a family. Use your weekends and evenings to unwind. Guard the time you set aside for each other. Take advantage of all that fall has to offer. Get creative, and do it together.


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