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Sister Spotlight: Gena Hargis

"When we are busy pouring ourselves into things we ‘deem’ important, we often forget to put our names on the list."  Oh can't you just relate to this!  You gotta meet Gena, one of our Momsanity Sisters (who also runs our Momsanity Store, holla)!  She is one of the most down-to-earth, hilarious moms I know!  I love how she shares some hard truths that we moms can all relate to! 


Mom, Mommy, MOM, Moooooom!... In December, I could not help but giggle when I had my two daughters with me shopping briefly for ‘the perfect yearly tree ornament’.  We were in a local craft store and passed by a display for ‘Mom gifts’ (I thought to myself, nice advertising, if they ONLY knew what Moms ‘really’ wanted, it could not be bought at a craft store) my girls were immediately drawn to this piece of wall are that stated just this… Mom, Mommy, MOM, Moooooom!


As a mom, we juggle and wear so many hats, are constantly on the clock, and evaluating priorities.  I have been blessed to influence two older daughters who came into my life at 10 and 7 (who are now 28 and 25) and living a bit of déjà vu with the ‘littles’ at 11 and 7.  I have been the ‘stay at home mom’, I have been the mom that ‘works full time from home and keeps the kids at home’ and now I am the mom that goes into the office full time and then comes home and assists behind the scenes for a couple of companies.  Busy much, isn’t this ‘normal’ for a mom’s life?! I try to remind myself it is all a part of our life’s journey.  I often struggle with setting and enforcing boundaries.  When we are busy pouring ourselves into things we ‘deem’ important, we often forget to put our names on the list. 


Health and fitness has been woven into my life since I was young.  I was an athlete, in Middle and High School, never the cheerleader but the one being cheered for… When my life came to a stand still at the age of 16, I was in a near fatal car accident, I spent 28 days in the hospital fighting for my life.  To say my outlook, perspective and faith was forever changed was an understatement.  God is an AWESOME God and His plan for us often does not align with how we envision our plan.  Life events have a way of nudging you to step out of the ‘day to day’ grind and reflecting on the ‘bigger’ picture as it is in the times of trial we are challenged to grow.


Many days I feel as though my life is a mess, off -course and I am failing my kids. I am a work in progress… I struggle with am I the ‘mean mom’?, Do I allow my personal struggles to influence my disciplining?, Should I letting my daughters have a front row seat into my adult trials, my hard moments and process realities of life?, etc. Then I think, if I share, they will see me being vulnerable, honest, brave and resilient all because Gods words fill me and provide me with courage, strength, and love. My goal is to teach and share those qualities by providing an example, speaking truth into two influential beings. 


Momsanity has helped me to have my name on the list, blend motherhood, faith, fitness and nutrition into my thread of life. I am slowly learning to let go, manage only the things that are in my control, learning to Be Still, appreciate the present.