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Stretching with Sliders!!

By Emily Saunders

I absolutely LOVE to stretch and my body SURE DOES NEED IT!  I am super flexible, but my muscles get really tight- especially my hips, hamstrings, calves and low back.  If I am not vigilant about stretching then I truly risk injury and nobody has time to be hurt!

Here is the flip side.  Stretching cold muscles can sometimes do more harm than good.  I also find that at the end of a workout my muscles cool down and tighten up quickly.  

SO- if I'm not able to make it to a hot yoga class I like to employ active stretch techniques verses static stretching.  What I mean is, I don't just hold a stretch, but instead keep my body moving and warm throughout the stretching session. 

I also love to use my Momsanity Sliders to help me stretch.  They increase range of motion easily wthout extra effort and help me to get into positions that can feel awkward without the slider. 

Enjoy my video that can be found HERE on YouTube and let's stretch together!

If you don't already have our Momsanity Sliders (they come with TEN free workouts!) then be sure to grab them HERE on Amazon.  Their unique triangular shape is super helpful and feels less "clunky" than traditional sliders, plus we guarantee great quality AND they work on both hard floors and carpet.

Let me know how you feel after our stretch sesh!