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The Forecast

The Forecast. 

Type A.  Driven.  Intense.  Go-Getter.   

These are all things I’ve been called.   

And they are true.  They are all true.   

But it’s not good for a human being to go all out all the time.  Interestingly I am rather laid back in my approach to life.  I think it’s because God has finally shown me that I control NOTHING.  I get it.   

But.  I am inflexible.  Enjoy working on a schedule.  Rarely procrastinate.  Enjoy preparation. 

So.  When our Mexico vacation weather forecast was less than stellar as in 100% chance of thunderstorms all day every day I kind of wanted to cry. 
I asked a few people at the resort who assured me that it NEVER rains all day every day, but wasn’t convinced.  I mean the forecast is the forecast.  

And then I told my husband we should pray.  Maybe complaining was not necessary, but prayer might be.  It felt kind of silly.  To really whole-heartedly pray for sun.  But we did it. 

Guess what happened?  It rarely rained.  But here’s the thing.  The forecast didn’t change.  Well, it kind of did, but very slowly.  As in at 12pm the 1pm forecast would change from a 90% chance of showers to 10%.  Over and over again. 
This got me thinking. 

How often do we rely so much on statistics, what’s happened before, what’s predicted, and other people’s opinions?  How often do we take God out of the equation? 

And.  When we do consult Him.  How often do we want him to change our situation completely right now.  We want a 180.  We want to see the end.  We want the happy ending and the great story, but we’re not really all that excited about waiting on Him.  Trusting Him.  Allowing him to chip away the “forecast” little by little. 

Nope.  We want the sun to shine all day every day without question.  We want tangible assurance.   

But that’s just not how God works.   

Recently I’ve been reading 1 Kings and am currently reading about Elijah’s life.  If you’ve never read his story to your kids, do that tonight because they’ll love it.  It reminds me that for YEARS before he stood on the mountain and God sent fire from heaven to burn up his sacrifice and then allowed him to defeat hundreds of Baal’s prophets that he WAITED.  God had promised to take care of Him.  A bird brought him bread and he drank water from a brook.  Tell me that doesn’t require trust? 

Our lives are not different.  When we trust in the every day, small things our faith grows.  He prepares us and primes us.  He cracks open doors and windows and reveals so much of himself to us when we walk in obedience when no one is watching and the reward seems unimportant. 

I’ve been reflecting on the bigger forecasts in my life.  I’m asking myself how much I am trusting my creator, rescuer and savior as I walk through both the storms and the sunshine.  He is in control.  Today I pray for more of Him and less of me.  Bigger faith and less fear.  Bigger trust and less self-reliance.  And I pray the same for you.  May the light of the world prevail over the forecast.  Always.