Momsanity Sisterhood: Freedom Focus

Right now you have the opportunity to become a NEW member of our Momsanity Sisterhood, a community of moms who want to be God’s hands and feet in your life as we pursue a healthy lifestyle together.  

We're going to work together for 3 MONTHS and then YOU decide how long you want to be a member.

We want to be on your team.  We want to help you take this journey one step at a time.  You don't NEED to reinvent the wheel.  It's so much simpler than that.   What if for the next month ALL you focused on was 3 workouts per week that are under 20 minutes? 


Do you feel alone in the motherhood journey?  Are you frustrated with exercise being inconsistent or producing no results?  Do you want to eat healthier, but it all seems so confusing?  In busy days, how is more time with God possible?

You are not alone!  We are here to cheer you on daily!  Our Momsanity Sisterhood is BY moms, FOR moms.  Join our community of sweet women who seek balance in the areas of Fitness, Nutrition, Motherhood, and Faith.  

Get ready for fast, effective workouts that you'll actually want to do!  Your Momsanity Coaches offer dozens of quick FULL LENGTH at-home workout videos that burn fat (we add new workouts each month and provide you with a weekly schedule)!

Eating right isn't confusing anymore!  In our Sisterhood you have access to dozens of fat-loss recipes that the whole family enjoys (plus nutrition advice, sample meal plans, shopping lists and more)!  We WILL NOT prescribe you with a DIET ever.  Our goal is to teach you how to eat for YOUR body.  Everything you need is ready and waiting for you!

When you become a part of Momsanity, you will receive support, prayer, encouragement, and inspiration from hundreds of women who are in the trenches just like you!  Jesus is at the core of everything we do.  YES he cares about your journey in motherhood, fitness and nutrition!

Did we mention that you will have access to ALL of our Momsanity programs including our Workout Library, Sliders Workouts, and mulitple other programs?  TONS of workouts at your fingertips!

We are here for you in the insanity of motherhood!  We'll help you erase frustration and exhaustion so that you can feel energized and strong!  

Join the Sisterhood today!

Momsanity Sisterhood: Freedom

Pay just $57 for your first 3 months of Momsanity then nothing more for 90 days when you'll begin your $29 monthly subscription.  Cancel at any time!  (When you click on Purchase Offer it's going to say "$29 every month plus $57 set up fee".  You WILL NOT PAY $29 per month for 90 Days when your monthly subscription begins.  There is no obligation to continue beyond the $57 initial payment).

$29.00 USD every month +
$57.00 USD setup fee