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Why You Still Crave Sugar


You Still Crave Sugar…
By Emily Saunders

You don’t need an overhaul. 

I know it’s the New Year and you’re aware of about 100 different things that you “need” to change in 2018.  If you’re like most people your list is something like this:  I’m going to save money while exercising 6 days per week and eating kale while cleaning out my closet and opening a retirement account.  Boy do we expect a lot of ourselves! 

At the New Year I am a huge fan of self-evaluation and prayer for revelation of those areas in which God wants to produce change or movement.  Ignoring introspection is never a good idea.  Taking a good hard look at ourselves and setting SMART (our Momsanity Sisterhood acronym) goals and breaking bad habits is always a good idea.  But there is a problem and it’s two fold.  1.  We try to change too many things at once and 2.  We try change ourselves.

An example.

Let’s pretend sugar is a problem for you.  Maybe you indulged a bit over the holidays and told yourself you would make changes in the New Year when it would be easier.  You know “after the holidays” when all things productive and healthy happen.  January 1st arrived and you threw out all the leftover eggnog and cookies and went shopping for bibb lettuce and broccoli just knowing that your preparation would result in success.  You’ve also begun exercising daily.  Oh and you’re counting macos.  And intermittent fasting.  And you eliminated everything that comes in a package. 

And one week later you are exhausted and annoyed and you STILL CRAVE SUGAR.  It’s all really hard.  Because you’re a mom and you need to sleep more and stress makes you crave sugar and well you just keep thinking about sugar.  You’re so mad and frustrated because you still crave sugar! 

Here’s the thing.  Most humans can ONLY successfully change one thing at a time.  And I wouldn’t recommend making “stop eating all sugar” as the one thing for lots of reasons. Research clearly shows that when people change a single behavior at a time, the likelihood they’ll retain that habit for a year or more is more than 80%. If they try to change TWO behaviors at once, their chances of success drops to less than 35%. And if they try to change THREE habits, their success rate plummets to less than 5%. 

Here’s the other thing.  In a world full of coaches and programs, you perceive greater value when ALL the things are addressed at once so that’s what’s often offered.  I’ve been in this industry long enough to know this. 

I feel that deep down we know this.  We know that we’ve tried and failed at this method before.  But for lots of reasons we decide that “this time is different”.   

So here’s my challenge for you.  Pick one thing.  It’s got to be small and planned and focused and attainable.  You need a support team and cheerleaders.  You need God and you need to make sure that your THING is important to Him too. 

Let me remind you of a few important things as you begin to consider your one thing. You are wonderfully and perfectly made.  A NEW you is not required.  God made you and despite how much you might wish he had made you different, let’s not argue with His plans and intentions. He wants to refine you and transform you and be a part of the journey pruning and transforming you to look more like Jesus along the way.   

Remember that God sized changes don’t begin in our striving, but in our surrender.  Often the greatest growth occurs during the greatest challenges.  We’ve got to be willing to do the hardest thing which is relinquish control.  And that doesn’t matter if we’re talking about eating cookies at night in secret or expending too much energy trying to bury old pain or secrets from our past.   

When we invite the instrument of change, the creator of you and me, to forge ahead on the journey it becomes a holy journey.  Holy means “set apart”.  He can shape us and change us in ways we never thought possible.  Include Him and let him work in you and through you.  He doesn’t promise an easy attainment of your goals, but He promises the best. 

So as you dive head first into 2018 allow your goal to be simple.  Just one thing.  One thing that you’re committing to changing.  Our Momsanity Sisterhood is launching our Freedom Project this week where each month we focus on just ONE thing.  One pillar.  January- 3 workouts per week (you don’t have to think or plan, the workout videos and schedule is right there for you), February- Simple Nutrition to help you free yourself for the diet cycle and mindset, March- Faith Freedom- let’s be sure we’re giving God the time and intention necessary despite the crazy lives we lead. 

Are you in?  It all ends today so don’t miss it! Join us here

30 Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;  
31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.